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PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS INTERNATIONAL AGENCY TOP SECRET, based in Bucharest, Romania, realizes with professionalism specific activities of private investigations, having the LICENSE NUMBER 132.722 issued by The General Inspectorate of Romanian Police. Our private detective Agency is concentrated to identify the needs, the desires and the expectations of potential Clients, for satisfying the Client and forming its loyalty.


PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS ROMANIA  provides a comprehensive range of investigation services, not only in the traditional areas of investigation but also in the area of training, auditing and risk management. We have a vast array of investigative techniques at our disposal to service our clients specific requirements. Our detective agency prides it self on offering a exclusive range of services.  We also maintain regular contact with the accounting and legal professions. 


TOP SECRET DETECTIVE AGENCY is a  full service private investigation Company specializing in all kinds of Investigations, Pre-Martial Investigations, Pre & Post Divorce Data, Corporate Investigations, Shadowing & Surveillance, Assets Verification, Bad Debts Recovery, Fraud Detection, etc.

TOP SECRET - PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS ROMANIA also specializes in complete background searches, unlisted phone numbers, license and registration info, college education verification, criminal records and any other information you wish to obtain or verify.


PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS INTERNATIONAL AGENCY TOP SECRET ROMANIA guarantee full discretion of its personell regarding the cases as well as full confidentiality of the investigations and of the reports.


In adition to the competition, PRIVATE DETECTIVE INTERNATIONAL AGENCY TOP SECRET has the following advantages:
- FREE initial consultancy;
- full quality services;
- full availability in taking your case;
- full eficiency in solving your case.


PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS ROMANIA uses in investigations the most performant technique that exist in this moment, which have outstanding performances.


The personnel of  PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS AGENCY TOP SECRET ROMANIA is formed only by professionals, former policemen and workers in other state structures with significant experience in this area. The Agency uses only private detectives licensed by the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police.


Our agents are on duty 24 hours a day and use the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide consistently superior results. 


Our private investigators respect the DEONTOLOGICAL MARKS and MORAL STANDARDS of the Private Detectives Agency Top Secret:
- as private investigator, I practice a liberal independent, autonomous and honorable profession;
- as private investigator, I am obliged to keep professional secret upon the dates and the information that are obtained from the developed activities. These activities are meant exclusively to my client, according to the law.
- as private investigator, I do specific investigation activities at the request of physical or juridical persons, without damaging the private life, the family life or other rights or fundamental freedom of the person involved in the investigation.
- as a private investigator, I値l be perfectly ware that working in this case means that I知 a direct represent ant, an extern specialized agent of my client. My conduct will be always honorable and professional these I won稚 affect negatively my client image.
- as private investigator, I know that in my profession I obey to the law, to the professional moral rules and to the statute of the Private Detectives Agency Top Secret;
- as a private investigator, I値l do periodical reports about the progress of the investigation, which I値l hand to the investigation agency leader with the contents and the regularity agreed before.
- as a private investigator, I値l demonstrate professional probity and anscientionsness, the propose of any activity being the discovery of reality and truth until the smallest details, of the cause that I was hired for.
- as a private investigator, I know that my activity can稚 be stopped to the intern or international legal agreements which Romania is part of the national security, of the public order or the good customs.
- as a private investigator, I値l be always help to all the laws that concern me in this profession, as well as the other legal aspect that concern the public and private sphere and I値l behave according to the limit of those laws in a explicit way in all the circumstances.
- as private investigator, I have the right to perform investigations related to the persons, the properties, the actions, the dates and the circumstances that are the object of this activity, by strictly respecting the citizens rights and freedom, as well as legal provisions.
- as a private investigator, I値l dedicate to every charge received from the Top SecretInvestigation Agency leaders, that I値l accomplish with interest and enthusiasm until I値l reach an end which inclusions clear and my client and I impart mutually the same satisfaction.
- as private investigator, I値l do my best to be at the dispose of all citizens who want my advice. I always do my best to serve the client or to guide him to someone that I know who can help him better, in case that his request it is not within my province.
- as a private investigator, I値l use methods and investigation mean that don稚 harm the rights standards, or the citizens rights and freedom.
- as a private investigator, I値l always try to establish and to maintains an adequate dialogue with my client.
- as a private investigator, I値l always respect my clients wishes, except the cases in which I知 obliged by law to inform the legal institution because of the gravity of the actions, the deeds and the discovered aspects.
- as a private investigator, I know that professionally more important to me except my client. I値l serve my client with honesty, integrity, loyalty and abnegation, be legal means, dedicated with the proper efficiency and professionalism.


PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS ROMANIA  has specialized in providing discreet, confidential, and professional investigative services for its clients.


We have lots  of expertise, we're ready to help you with a wide range of services.


We will provide you with information you need to make an informed decision with the confidence of knowing all the facts you need.

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